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Other video


Dokumentary programmes belong among most people to the most popular programmes. We could say that they have found its place in all age group and they still attract more and more viewers.

Undoubtful advantage of documentary is a fact that it is not influenced by commercial sphere so much, so it can bring true and focused view on events. It can as well express feelings and emotions of its producers during filming, however, they must be verified by facts and they must attract and educate the viewer.

In our archives you can find plenty of these programmes with different genre and theme. Among others there are concert records with classical, popular or rock music as well as significant events arranged by government and religious institutions, or travel programmes focused on cultural and religious landmarks in south Europe.

Videopresentation of towns

Among a very creative promotional solution belongs videopresentation. It can contain as a historical development of town, so its presence. Furthermore, it can contain religious landmarks, significant architectural jewels, surrounding nature, social life – theatres, cinemas, museums etc. We can also emphasize sport and leisure-time capacities. It can be of course produced in different languages or their combinations and production of multimedia CD/DVD.
Nowadays we are able to produce and deliver all programmes in more than fifteen languages. Cz, Sk, En, De, Sk, Pl, I, Fr, Rus, Hu, Bg, Hr, Slo, Ua, E, … Most of these mutations are dubbed directly in our studio or, eventually, in our partnership studios according to particular language. This film can be used while presenting your town during tourism trade fairs or when applying for grants. Its application can be also during projections at info centres, eventually on internet.

For towns as well as for smaller villages and regions we also carry out recording of cultural and other significant social events. We can mention for example solemn opening of various institutions, feasts, special feast called „Jízda králů“, carnival and other folklore celebrations. For these events we can offer you a „complex care contract“ in large varieties of range. It grants you a whole-year documentation of all solemn events you will have. Advantage of this „complex care contract“ is attractive and stable price compared to individual and repeated commissions. Another guarantee is arrival of our cameraman within 24 hours on requested place of yours.